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Teal Tidings - Winter 2014-2015
Wow, winter and 2015 are upon us. We are so grateful for all of our supporters over the years. Many of our programs are now regularly scheduled for homeschool groups, libraries and schools. We are very fortunate to see so many people growing up green. Of course we love working with new groups too!

ME4E will be celebrating its 8th Anniversary this spring. Our goal of bringing environmental conscience programming to community members is still number one. As the Next Generation Science Standards, S.T.E.A.M. and Common Core have become increasing important to schools, we have incorporated them into our unique and customized programs.

Many people ask us for a list of programs we do. Since each one is modified for the group we are working with, the list would be too long and cumbersome to explore. If you are interested in our services, contact us. ME4E is happy to work with you to create the prefect experience for your group.

Keep an eye on our social media feeds. More details will be posted soon so if you are on Instagram Tumblr , Twitter , Facebook or Pinterest are you following us? Visit your favorite social media site, look for ME4E and follow us for contests, grants, program photos, green news, educational opportunities and more. When you let us know what you like, we can post more of it. THANKS!

Get Certified!
Sign in a ME4E certified garden
Show off your hard work!
     Does your garden attract beautiful songbirds, cheerful butterflies and other interesting wildlife to your yard? Looking for a way to get your hard work nationally recognized? Contact ME4E to schedule your FREE habitat consultation.

If your garden provides food, water, a place to raise young and several other requirements, you may be eligible for the National Wildlife Foundationís habitat certification program.
     ME4E will file the appropriate paper work for you. Your certificate of achievement, National Wildlife magazines and optional weatherproof recycled aluminum sign will be shipped directly to your home.

Make your yard stand out in the neighborhood or during a garden walk by getting certified today. Standard filling is $50 and the optional 9x12 signs are $30 each.

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