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Teal Tidings - Fall 2015
We have just returned from a memorable trip to Isle Royale National Park and are currently creating a program for ages 10 through adult to share the experience. This will be a uncensored account of events - good, bad & ugly. Some natural history and trip tips will also be included in this multi-media presentation. Make sure to contact us if you are interested in scheduling this unique perspective of a program.

It's back to school time and ME4E is scheduling many STEM, STEAM and Outdoor Ed programs with schools and home-school groups. Whether it is for an after-school club, teacher workshop or classes with the entire school, we would love to work with you to meet your educational needs. Our custom programs can give your curriculum that extra special boost you might be looking for. The calendar does fill up quickly, but last minute programs can be scheduled too. ME4E would love to hear from you.

If you are on Instagram , Tumblr , Twitter , Facebook or Pinterest are you following us? We have been expanding our social media reach to improve communication with you. Visit your favorite social media site, look for ME4E and follow us for grants, program photos, green news, educational opportunities and more. When you let us know what you like, we can post more of it. THANKS!

Get Certified!
Sign in a ME4E certified garden
Show off your hard work!
     Does your garden attract beautiful songbirds, cheerful butterflies and other interesting wildlife to your yard? Looking for a way to get your hard work nationally recognized? Contact ME4E to schedule your FREE habitat consultation.

If your garden provides food, water, a place to raise young and several other requirements, you may be eligible for the National Wildlife Foundation´┐Żs habitat certification program.
     ME4E will file the appropriate paper work for you. Your certificate of achievement, National Wildlife magazines and optional weatherproof recycled aluminum sign will be shipped directly to your home.

Make your yard stand out in the neighborhood or during a garden walk by getting certified today. Standard filling is $50 and the optional 9x12 signs are $30 each.